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Rigid Core Flooring

Rigid Core Flooring Williamsport PA

Rigid Core Flooring is synonymous with durability. This kind of flooring is especially constructed to withstand heavy wear and tear and daily use. It has a strong core and that gives it much greater indentation resistance. Rigid Core Flooring is also enhanced with protective polyurethane which allows it to resist excess pressure, dents and scratches.

Rigid core floors are gorgeous to look at and easily imitate natural designs that are found in other natural floors such as wood and natural stones. They are superlatively realistic and very high in detail which makes them resemble natural textures. You can easily find traditional and trendy styles in Rigid Core Flooring right from rustic or reclaimed texture to brushed wood looks and feel. What make them even more realistic are the embossed and engraved texture patterns that can easily pass on for real wood.

Rigid Core Flooring is strong due to its Durable Hybrid Construction which enables it to perform very well under various weather and pressure conditions. Hybrid layered construction that is used to make Rigid Core Flooring brings together the best attributes of different flooring types. This makes them 100% waterproof and that prevents it from swelling, buckling and losing integrity. They are highly stain resistant as well.

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