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Laminated Flooring

Laminated Flooring

Laminated Flooring Williamsport PA

Laminate flooring is a synthetic multi-layer flooring which is also called floating wood tile. The flooring is made by fusing together pieces of laminates with wood particles and the final finished product simulates real and natural wood or sometimes surfaces made from natural stone.

The aggregated wood particles are fused together with the help of heat and pressure. They are then covered with an image of wood or stone that is very photorealistic and then this is covered with a laminate wear layer. The wear layer that is installed over the compressed layers is basically a thin yet durable film made of clear plastic that does the job of protecting the delicate lower layers from heat, pressure, scratches and moisture, and also UV rays.

Laminated Flooring or Laminate is installed not by fusing it to the floor under it but by connecting the pieces to one another and this is why it is called a floating floor. The boards connect to one another with the fold and lock technique which is a common method of joining them together. Laminate flooring is very affordable and solid just like hardwood and/or engineered wood, and in price, is comparable to luxury vinyl flooring.

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